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Getting it right in financial services

We're a management consultancy that delivers robust results by deploying seasoned experienced consultants


  • with financial services firms and related businesses;

  • with boardrooms, executive teams and in the front line;

  • on compliance, strategy, technical issues, and project management.


  • we resolve business problems so that they don't recur;

  • we build credible relationships with regulators;

  • we help develop profitable - and deliverable - business strategy.

Why Us?

  • clarity and objectivity are more important than internal politics;

  • you want a robust solution rather than a sticking plaster;

  • you don't have internal resources available for the job.

How much?

  • less than big pyramid firms with large overheads;

  • more than low-ballers with later surprise add-ons;

  • invariably, the amount we quote;

  • far less than the value we generate.

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