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Although Financial Services has long managed individual risks on a silo basis, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a relatively new discipline.

As ERM has yet to mature, there is no standard ‘text book’ consulting approach to a successful implementation - a high degree of pragmatism based on robust principles is key.

Running an effective and respected ERM function that constructively challenges the organisation rather than simply adding to overheads requires significant skill, emotional intelligence and experience. The necessary leadership is provided right from the top by the role of the Chief Risk Officer.


  • Governance reviews / enhancement programmes

  • Risk Appetite definition and ERM framework design

    • implementation and operational oversight

  • Control Self Assessment frameworks

  • Counterparty and Outsourcing / Risk Transfer

    • risk assessment and management frameworks

  • Conduct Risk Management frameworks

  • SIPPs, financial planning and independent advice

    • all aspects of risk management


  • Interim cover for Chief Risk Officer

  • Independent external advice to Risk Committee

  • Crisis management support

    • eg Skilled Person Review, deep dive, due diligence

  • Programme management for all risk-related activities

  • Advice on regulation, governance, oversight and risk procedures

  • Efficient delivery of 'messy' risk projects

    • eg compliance remediation and due diligence

Most of our work is confidential in nature so details cannot be published. We are happy to provide more specific information about work we have undertaken.

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