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Experience is at the heart of our effectiveness. Our associate model enables us to operate with the most experienced - and best - consultants in the business.

How it works

We maintain a substantial pool of talented and experienced people who have the capability to meet our high standards of delivery.

When a client asks us to undertake a piece of work, we select the associate who has exactly the right combination of skills and character to get the job done - and invite them to engage with us on the assignment.

The client contracts with us, because we take full responsibility for the quality of every assignment we undertake. We contract separately with the associate for the duration of the assignment.

Benefits for clients

  • we provide experienced consultants of high calibre, and this shows through in the results they produce;

  • we don't have to pass on the costs of maintaining a top-heavy infrastructure;

  • we maintain a sufficiently large pool that we get a very good fit between person and task;

  • if we don't have the right consultant we will say so: we don't have a bench of consultants that need to be utilised for financial reasons irrespective of fit;

  • our consultants are motivated by professional pride and doing a great job rather than career advancement in a large professional services firm.

Benefits for consultants

  • consultants can focus solely on doing a great job rather than worrying about selling their skills - or coping with office politics;

  • no obligation to accept an assignment if it doesn't feel right - for whatever reason;

  • respected as the trusted, skilled and experienced professionals that they are;

  • free to work either on their own account or with other associate firms.

If you are interested in consulting work in financial services - particularly in regulation and compliance - please get in touch.

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