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  In the UK, FCA is committed to a future where conduct regulation is driven (and measured) by culture rather than simple adherence to rules. This means there is an increasing need for practical  interpretation of regulatory policy.

All regulated firms need to consider the difference between being half a step behind - and half a step in front.

Being half a step behind requires the full effort and cost to be compliant - but risks falling foul of the regulators.

Being half a step ahead doesn't cost much more in the short term but saves a huge amount in the medium term, and creates elbow room to integrate compliance into the business efficiently.

It's possible to get half a step ahead by taking the regulators speeches, comments and informal briefings into account, by understanding how the regulator is likely to think - and by talking to us. That's where we operate, and that's where our successful clients are now.


  • Strategic regulatory thinking and planning

    • Business model analysis

    • Governance arrangements

  • Clarifying and simplifying regulatory requirements

    • proportionality

  • Transforming culture

  • Project management and planning

  • Building and running regulated teams

  • Regulatory due diligence


  • Acting as Skilled Person

    • Conduct of Business

  • Design and build of Conduct Risk Frameworks:

    • Product Governance

    • Reward & Recognition

    • Training & Competence

    • Quality Assurance

    • Customer Outcome Testing

    • Financial Promotions

    • Claims, Complaints, Breach Reporting

    • Whistle Blowing

  • Banking, Consumer Lending, Product Providers, Wealth managers

Most of our work is confidential in nature so details cannot be published. We are happy to provide more specific information about work we have undertaken.

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